FIFPRO bemoans lack of support for female players during COVID-19 pandemic

The global representative of professional soccer players (FIFPRO) has bemoaned the general lack of support for female players in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

According to FIFPRO, data collected from national player unions in 62 different countries from July through October shows that wage cuts, job losses, and poor communication are affecting women footballers in dozens of countries, with recent gains towards gender equality in the sport potentially at risk.

“This survey’s findings show that in 47 percent of the countries surveyed women footballers had wages cut or suspended. In 40 percent of countries, players received no mental or physical health support. In 69 percent of countries, communication with players was regarded as poor or very poor”, FIFPRO noted.

The organization has therefore urged “all clubs, leagues, and federations to work with player associations to address key issues highlighted in the survey and build a comprehensive approach which mitigates the impact of the crisis and establishes a solid foundation for women’s football”.

FIFPRO Chief Women’s Football Officer, Amanda Vandervort, said: “Like most industries, women’s football is being severely affected by the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, and the findings of this survey highlight what we have said from the outset, that both players and the game itself need strategic support to get them through these tough times. To that end, we also identified great cases of innovation and advancement in which new solutions are showcasing the unique potential of women’s football to thrive today and in the future.”

Among other recommendations, FIFPRO General SecretaryJonas Baer-Hoffmann said: “ We need more concerted action or there is a real danger that progress towards gender equality in parts of world football will be set back years.”
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FIFPRO bemoans lack of support for female players during COVID-19 pandemic